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About Liberty Institute

The Institute is a public policy research and advocacy organization, with a particular interest in exploring ways of making policy proposals politically viable.  The Institute strives to develop market based responses to contemporary economic and social issues. The Institute seeks to  empower the individual with greater freedom to choose. The Institute holds that free market enhances freedom of choice in the economic domain, while democracy enhances choice in the political domain.


For more information, please visit www.InDefenceofLiberty.org.  The Institute has a few issue-based initiatives:

www.EmpoweringIndia.org | www.ChallengingClimate.org | www.ProtectingPropertyRights.org | www.SavetheTigerInitiative.org


Empowering India is an award winning initiative, which had received the 2009 Manthan Award for South Asia, and the World Summit Award 2011, both in the e-governance category.  In 2003, Liberty Institute had received the Templeton Prize for Social Entrepreneurship.


Liberty Institute is currently seeking appropriate people for the following positions, the profiles of which are outlined below -

  • Director Projects
  • Director Communications
  • Manager IT
  • Manager Programs
  • Interns

If interested, please send the CV and statement of interest to career@libertyinstitute.org.in .


Liberty Institute

C-4/8, Sahyadri, Plot No. 5, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi 110078. India.



Director – Projects / Executive Director

The Director will guide the long-term direction of Liberty Institute as well as oversee its day-to-day implementation.




Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:


Program Management

©    Manage the regular programmes and activities of Liberty Institute,

©    Monitoring progress of programmes in meeting the objectives, and recalibrate as necessary

©    Monitor financial and budgetary flows,

©    Explore potential donors, submit proposals and raise funds, meeting the objectives of the Institute

©    Co-ordinate information technology (IT) initiatives of the organization, including management of existing portals under LI banner,

©    Manage, train and recruit relevant staff related to programs, accounts and IT,

©    Develop and execute comprehensive short and long term strategies for LI,

©    Create new opportunities and ideas for LI expansion,

©    Cultivating grassroots partnerships,

©    Travel as necessary to meet with partners and implement activities


Fund raising

©    Develop strong relationships with existing donors and cultivate relationships with potential donors

©    Write proposals and secure funding to ensure LI’s ongoing sustainability

©    Explore nontraditional funding options for LI, including innovative revenue-generating mechanisms

©    Assess and commercialize the market for data available with Empowering India(EI), an initiative of Liberty Institute, that has evolved into a highly integrated web resource for data on the primary participants in Indian elections (see http://empoweringindia.org)

Ø     Identify specific user categories for EI and implement reachout campaign to them

Ø     Design the bundling/packaging of data required for each market segment

Ø     Define pricing models for each of these segments

Ø     Design and set up a marketing and sales plan for actualising such sales


External Relations

©    Develop and coordinate an outreach strategy for LI, including the media

©    Liaise with grassroots partners throughout India, deliver capacity-building support, troubleshoot challenges, and facilitate a network of best practice sharing

©    Conduct outreach to universities for partnerships, data sharing, activity implementation, and intern support

©    Communicate regularly with similar organizations to share resources and collaborate on activities when possible



©    8-10 years in think tanks, research, voter education, democracy promotion, and/or grassroots campaign experience

©    4-6 years experience managing projects and supervising junior staff

©    Demonstrated proficiency in overseeing budget and finance management of programs

©    Significant experience cultivating and nurturing donor relationships

©    Experience with ICT, web design, and social media networking

©    Strong writing skills and experience writing effective proposals and donor reports

©    Ability to cultivate and communicate with grassroots partners

©    Comfort working in startup atmosphere

©    Experience in Monitoring & Evaluation and ability to track program progress towards goals

©    Proficient human resources experience, including ability to hire and manage staff

©    Strong leadership skills, able to mentor and grow junior staff

©    Creativity in developing nascent programming and navigating challenges

©    Fluency in English, and proficient in some other regional Indian languages


Director – Communications

Liberty Institute is looking for a Director of Communications.


The work involves developing relevant content on a range of public policy issues, particularly on energy and environment, and the wider debate over climate change. The person will also be expected to implement an effective communication strategy for a successful outreach programme, and help build an active network of key stakeholders.

What we are looking for?

©    Deep interest in current public policy issues, particularly in the area of development and environment

©    A commitment to usher in social change, by being that change, and leading by example

©    The capacity to work independently, and develop new initiatives

©    The ability to identify sources of potential support, and prepare proposals

©    Knowledge of the political economy of India

©    Excellent analytical and communication skills

©    Experience of writing in the mainstream publications

©    An understanding of the core ideals of Liberty Institute will be an asset

©    The person may have 5 to 6 years of relevant experience in similar positions


What would the work involve?

©    Identify contemporary public policy issues

©    Build a network of relevant scholars and stakeholders

©    Develop policy positions

©    Disseminate research outputs among stakeholders

©    Regularly communicate with media

©    Being proactive to enhance the value of existing initiatives

©    Develop outreach leveraging the newer media platforms



Manager – IT


Liberty Institute is looking for an webmaster / IT manager for our websites and IT initiatives. Our two major IT platforms are:






We are continuously striving to substantially expand the database structure. There is a corresponding need to develop user-friendly web interface to make the information easily accessible. We would like to have a more active presence on the new social media platforms. We would also like to make our IT initiative, much more participative, and informative, allowing for crowd-sourcing of information.



Technical skills required

©    Skilled in ASPx/. NET, MS SQL Server database

©    Capacity to manage Windows server

©    Ability to write and understand relevant codes

©    Document the process of development

©    Design and maintain relevant data structures, and databases

©    Capacity to coordinate with the software, hardware and data entry teams will be necessary

©    Knowledge of Google Apps and Maps, and other social media tools

©    Knowledge of open source platforms will be an additional asset.

©    The person may have 4 to 5 years of relevant experience in similar positions


Manager – Programs


Liberty Institute (LI) is looking for a person who could take up the responsibility of managing the various ongoing activities of LI and coordinating the various projects and general office management with administrative and accounting support.


What we are looking for –

©     An efficient co-coordinator to provide managerial and administrative support to various projects and office management activities

©    The capacity to manage multiple activities and deal with diverse range of people and vendors

©    Excellent knowledge of Accounting Procedures and related packages like Tally

©    Good knowledge of computers and office software packages like word and excel

©    Good communication skills

©    The person may have 5 to 6 years of relevant experience in similar positions

©    We will welcome applications from retired people located in Dwarka or west Delhi





Liberty Institute invites young people to apply for internship. Students seeking an intellectually stimulating environment, where one may discover the joys of learning, and improve their awareness about themselves and the society at large.


Interns will have an opportunity to work on existing projects of the Institute, and add value to these. Creativity and enterprise will be assets, and encouraged.


Students with interest in current affairs, and public policy issues, are welcome to apply. Background in subjects such as political science, political economy, development economics, statistics, environment, law, media and information technologies will be useful, but are not absolutely necessary.


Good communication skills, knowledge of computers are essential.


The internship could be tailored according to the time available, and interest of the candidate.



If interested, please send the CV and statement of interest to career@libertyinstitute.org.in.


Liberty Institute

C-4/8, Sahyadri, Plot No. 5, Sector-12, Dwarka, New Delhi 110078. India.


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