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Last Updated : Saturday, April 19, 2014
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The Start


The ‘Ayn Rand In India’ initiative was conceived and set up by the Liberty Institute in early 2009 with the help and support of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, (www.AtlasNetwork.org), with the collaboration of the Ayn Rand Institute (www.aynrand.org). In recent years, ARI has taken an active interest in promoting the ideas of Ayn Rand globally, and instituted the Atlas Shrugged Initiative. Visit this link for more information on this initiative.


Barun Mitra, the founder of the Liberty Institute, goes back much further with Ayn Rand’s ideas, however. He was introduced to her novels and her philosophy in the early 80’s. Later that decade, he along with friends helped set up Ayn Rand clubs in different cities across India, where small groups of people would gather regularly to discuss ideas of Ayn Rand, and listen to lectures by Ayn Rand and others on audio cassettes. He was inspired by Ms Rand’s ideas to set up the Liberty Institute in the mid 90’s. The Institute is an independent think tank dedicated to promoting awareness of the basic pillars of a free society - Individual rights, Rule of Law, Limited Government and Free Market, resting on the foundation of Reason.


The Objective

The idea behind the “Ayn Rand in India” initiative is to bring together people in India interested in Ayn Rand’s ideas, so that they can become a united force in spreading the influence of her unique philosophy in this country. It also endeavors to be a platform for individuals to study, learn and develop an understanding of objectivism and its various applications to the life and economy in India. What’s more, it might just be the place for like-minded individuals in this vast country to meet and develop strong friendships and bonds with each other. In our experience, some of these even last a lifetime!


The Players

Apart from Barun, Vikram Bajaj, an entrepreneur and another long-time Ayn Rand admirer, has played a key role in promoting this effort. Kirtimalini Kuber in Mumbai and Amar Gujral in Delhi, both associated with the Liberty Institute, have also been closely involved in sustaining various initiatives.


Get Started…

We have active discussion groups in three cities – Pune, Mumbai and Delhi – apart from a website, blog and online discussion forum.


Please mail us at info@aynrand.in to become a part of our mailing list and online community. You will hear regular updates of our activities and get to become an active part of our campaign.


Alternatively, you could contact us on these numbers to get more information:


Email: <info@aynrand.in> or <barun@aynrand.in>


Office: The Liberty Institute, C-2/13 Sahyadri, Plot 5, Sector 12, Dwarka, New Delhi 110078. India.

Tel: +91-11-28031309




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