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Friday, March 22, 2019
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Tearing Down the Wall: A global campaign
Atlas Economic Research Foundation, United States Monday, November 9, 2009

Novembr 2009 marks the 20th af

Join a global campaign to continue tearing down the walls of oppression, intimidation and corruption. You can become a partner in striking at the walls that remain. You can be the voice calling for the Gorbachev's of the world to tear down this wall! President Reagan understood the moral imperative of the fight for the free society. Sadly, that moral compass has long lost its way. Help us empower people both in the US and around the world, to say "NO!" No to to tyranny, no to walls!

Berlin Wall Becomes History

Visit 'Tearing Down the Wall' at  http://tearingdownthewall.org/index.html 

Ronald Reagan at the Brandenburg Gate in West Berlin: "Tear Down This Wall" (You Tube video)

"For three decades, this cold war took its toll, devastating the human spirit of people who simply wanted the freedom to travel, work, speak openly, and otherwise engage with others."

Play your part.  Fight tyranny. Join TearingDownTheWall.org 

In the early morning of Sunday, August 14, 1961, the Soviet-occupied German Democratic Republic poured the foundations of the wall that would split the world physically and ideologically for almost three decades. East and West were divided.  Torn up streets and barbed wire fences cut their way through the city.  The Berlin Wall came to symbolize the separation of those who were free and those who were not.

In 1989, the Wall was destroyed.  Free markets and representative government were triumphant.

Man before machine

Yet, every day around the world, from the busiest super-city to the smallest rural village, people remain oppressed by government.  Even in the U.S., politicians increasingly threaten our liberty with bailouts, tax hikes, and take-overs, setting the example for foreign leaders to do the same.  I fear that the "Shining City on the Hill" that President Reagan envisioned for America has dimmed.

Donate Here

Partner with Atlas.

You know that Atlas is devoted to nurturing champions of freedom on each corner, crevice, peak and valley of the world.  Perhaps you've attended one of our events, or maybe you receive the bi-monthly Atlas Updates.  Now, we are asking for you to take an extra step and become our partner in this battle. President Reagan understood the moral imperative of the fight for the free society.  Now it is up to us to be the voices demanding the Gorbachevs of the world to "tear down this wall!"

Take a strike at the wall by contributing to TearingDownTheWall.org

The threat to freedom posed by the Soviet empire was great, but the willingness to defend that freedom was greater. At Atlas, we work to foster the growth and provide resources to those individuals still fighting to tear down walls. From the barren deserts of Nigeria to the coastal islands of Croatia to the factories of Detroit, these freedom champions risk their lives daily to break down the barrier that separates bondage from liberty.

Fall of the Berlin Wall

You can help, for example, Natasha Srdoc of Croatia continue to expose government corruption, despite threats and recent murders. You can help Arpita Nepal stand up to the Maoist-controlled parliament in Kathmandu. You can help Thompson Ayodele of Nigeria say no to the crippling dependence wrought by western foreign aid. Help Alberto Mingardi continue to question foolish Italian and European populism or Mirsulzhan Namazaliev promote open markets and free press in Kyrgyzstan.  You can help Rejoice Ngwenya of Zimbabwe empower his countrymen to raise their voices in opposition to tyranny.

What better way to commemorate the fallen victims of the Iron Curtain and the courageous heroes of the Cold War than to support their intellectual heirs fighting for liberty today?


$20,000 in 20 days in honor of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by September 20th. That's less than three weeks away!  Help us continue to "Tear Down the Wall" that exists between so many individuals and the liberties that are so rightfully theirs.

Because of a generous matching gift arrangement established by an Atlas donor - if we succeed in raising $20K in 20 days, we will be able to devote ANOTHER $20K to these freedom champions.  That's right, your donation will be doubled if we all succeed in getting the word out about Tearing Down The Wall.

Meeting this 20-day goal enables Atlas to fund dozens of freedom champions - the very people who are tearing down walls to travel to Washington, D.C. to commemorate this historic event at our annual Freedom Dinner on November 9.  But more importantly, travel grantees will participate in specially-planned events that leverage their leadership, outreach and development skills.  The September 20th deadline is vital because many of our international partners face cumbersome procedures to obtain the necessary travel visas.  And, booking in advance helps them secure affordable airline reservations.
The first 50 people to donate $50 will receive a complimentary commemorative t-shirt.

Help break the tightening grip of government on our personal lives. Help people to live free. Donate on behalf of a friend, a loved one, or yourself. rejoice

Tell-a-Friend: Help Us Spread the Word and Win a Travel Grant!

If you've attended an Atlas event, then I don't need to tell you how exciting and informative they are! If you've never attended, here is your chance. You can win a travel grant to one of Atlas's Flagship events (Liberty Forum, Freedom Dinner, The Atlas Experience) by raising the most money for this campaign. Simply have your friends and family list your name as a reference when they make their donation.

Forward this email and tell your networks about Atlas's Tearing Down The Wall campaign. Feel free to personalize and modify this message. Thanks for your help!

In Liberty,

Jo Kwong
Vice President for Institute Relations
Atlas Economic Research Foundation

p.s. If just 400 people donate $50, we'll reach our goal!  Please consider participating in this exciting campaign today. Visit TearingDownTheWall.org today

This article was published in the Atlas Economic Research Foundation on Monday, November 9, 2009. Please read the original article here.
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