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Monday, December 17, 2018
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 Politics: Laissez Faire Capitalism
Is India Important for America’s Freedom?
The Objectivist Centra, United States Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Edward Hudgins
The visit of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the Us brings so many important issues to our attention. The culture of India is highly mystic and collectivist.However, there are so many goods things that can be said of India. It is a democracy, and there is a growing interest in the ideas of Liberty and Ayn Rand. There are two excellent libertarian think tanks too, writes Edward Hudgins in The Objectivist Centre.

The visit to the U.S. of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will focus on important geo-political and economic issues. But this visit also should focus attention on the role India  might play in an emerging global culture of freedom, helping both America and India. Friends of liberty should take note.

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

First, in spite of the unfortunate socialist infection that India caught from Britain, the  former British Raj gave India’s educated class familiarity and experience with the economic, legal, and political ways of the West.


Second, India is a democracy, an imperfect, sometimes repressive one to be sure—but politically better off than China. India is more likely to meet its challenges with debate and votes rather than guns and prisons.


Third, the British bequeathed to India’s educated class the English language. English is the international language for business, science, and virtually everything else.



Fourth, India has in fact become a location of choice of many American firms for service jobs in high-tech, publishing, and 1-800 help lines.

... ...

Fifth, the economic opportunities have produced an Indian middle class that, while certainly not as prosperous as America’s, enjoys the basic comforts and pleasures of life—and it numbers 250-300 million, as large as America’s entire population.


Sixth, there is a growing interest in India about the ideas of freedom and reason. For example, Google Trends shows from where in the world the most inquires come for given terms. It shows that India ranks either first or second, depending on when one checks, for the terms “Ayn Rand,” “The Fountainhead,” “Atlas Shrugged,” and “Objectivism.” This interest reflects a thirst for a philosophy of life on this Earth.


Further, there are two excellent libertarian think tanks in India, the Liberty Institute and the Centre for Civil Society. They are run by Barun Mitra and Parth Shah respectively and both are strongly influenced by Ayn Rand.

Seventh , India is dealing with its domestic violence between Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs better than most other countries in the region.

... ... ...

We can help preserve and protect them by fostering their flowering throughout the world, not so much through armies as ideas. Many Indians have come upon these ideas and said “Hello” to freedom on their own. Americans who still love freedom should see those individuals as potential partners in liberty, for the good of Indians and Americans like.

This article was published in the The Objectivist Centra on Tuesday, November 24, 2009. Please read the original article here.
Author : Edward Hudgins is with The Atlas Society, in the United States.
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