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Good-bye Kira! Critiques review We the Living
Rossano Brassi International Network, United States Saturday, August 14, 2010

We The Living, the movie was widely reviewed and many of the reviews were positive."One of the most exciting movies to come along in years.", wrote Jay Carr in Boston Globe."It has a passion that is undeniably moving." , said the London Morning Star.

New York Newsday said, "WE THE LIVING ... qualifies in every respect as a film treasure ... one of the best movies of the year."

"Hugely entertaining," wrote the Los Angeles Times, and Sneak Previews called it, "An amazing piece of cinema ... I think you will fall under the spell of this film".

"At the 1942 Venice Film Festival, We The Living won the Volpe Cup and enjoyed a huge popular success. This was enhanced by the teaming of Fosco Giachetti, then Italy's top box office actor, with Alida Valli, at 21 an audience favorite ... and Rossano Brazzi, already a highly-paid movie star." - Great Italian Films

"They don't make 'em like this anymore ... A colossal love story within a massive philosophical framework [and a] masterfully constructed plot ... Valli's powerhouse performance is reminiscent of a young Ingrid Bergman ... Artful gradations of black and white, a sensitive, roving camera and clever transitions give the film a timeless quality, and make the principals seen like mythical, cinematic demigods. Keep this masterpiece out of Ted Turner's hands." - Miami News

"Screen romance doesn't come any better than this .. Suppressed by Mussolini's fascists and long forgotten, it is not being celebrated as the lost classic that it is." - New York Newsday

"A cinematic jewel ... Grand, old-fashioned, extravagantly romantic ... It's 'they don't make 'em like this anymore' entertainment for anyone who loves a great story." - Reason Magazine

"One of the most exciting movies to come along in years." - Jay Carr, Boston Globe

"An amazing piece of cinema. I loved every minute of it. Alida Valli has the same kind of quality on-screen as Garbo -- just magical -- what a performance! I think you will also fall under the spell of this film." - Michael Medved, Sneak Previews

"A terrific picture ... (Ayn Rand's) a whiz at plot ... a love triangle that would do Puccini proud ... WE THE LIVING lives." - RG, Toronto Globe and Mail

"It has a passion that is undeniably moving." - London Morning Star

"Place WE THE LIVING on the top of your "must-see" movie list ... a romantic and powerfully-dramatic experience never likely to be forgotten. WE THE LIVING has the power to enslave the heart and the emotions. It's a wonderful film." - Bill Collins, Sydney Daily Mirror

"Grand and lavish entertainment." - Variety

"Nothing stirs the soul quite so much as buried treasure. WE THE LIVING ... qualifies in every respect as film treasure ... dazzling performances ... Director Alessandrini brilliantly blends glamour, romance, politics, intrigue and danger ... this is a film that avoids the predictable every step of the way ... one of the best movies of the year." - Mike McGrady, New York Newsday

"A whale of a show ... delivers the high priced goods with style." - J. Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

From the "We The Living: The Movie" web page, a Duncan Scott Production

This article was published in the Rossano Brassi International Network on Saturday, August 14, 2010. Please read the original article here.
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